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I started up my main page quite a while ago without any real idea of anything that would draw people to it. I mean, sure it was great to have a webpage and all, but actually having people read it is your primary goal right? I figured that everyone has something to offer, and my "thing" just seems to be various forms of whining. The main page is whining about my life, this page was made to whine about my job, and lo and behold people came on a regular basis. They still do. I've quit updating because I quit my job, and the person I left the page to was a %$&# moron, so I'm putting it to rest. Read the intro that used to head this page, and then peruse the archives. Have fun... all my suffering has to be for some purpose right?

I work in retail at a privately owned Radio Shack(tm)(R)(C) somewhere in the south east, and in doing so, I gain a rather interesting view of the human condition. (I don't know if that cliche is appropriate here or not, but it sounds elevated, doesn't it?) I view people at their worst--suffering from the confusion and embarrasment of the realization of the limits of their intelligence. If you tell a big angry black man that his nose hair trimmer isn't working because *HE* put the batteries in backward, he gets pissed. Sure it doesn't make sense, but you expose someone's stupidity and they turn mean. Anyway, the following is an updatable database of stories of that sort that will be updated Sundays, Wednesdays, or when I damn well feel like it. All hail the psycho-analyitical duckblind that is Radio Shack(tm)(R)(C)!


I think it's about time to put this thing to rest. Like they say, all good things...


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